Sharp to Boost Home Dining Experience with VacPac Pro Multi-Door Fridge/freezer

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United Kingdom 30 August 2018 Sharp to Boost Home Dining Experience with VacPac Pro Multi-Door Fridge/freezer

Be original. Cool and cook like a pro - and all with the help of a… multi-door fridge/freezer. An ultra-versatile companion for life in the kitchen, VacPac Pro goes above and beyond any conventional cooling support. As well as giving you the power to extend the shelf life of your food by days, it enables you to save space in the fridge and try your hand at healthy, restaurant style cooking.

To preserve your food for longer, this fridge/freezer enables you to pack and store it without air. All you need to do is pack your food into it a vacuum sealer bag and then use VacPac Pro‘s automatic vacuum sealer to suck the air out at the touch of a button.

Odour-resistant, vacuum packed bags are easy to store in the fridge, taking up only a fraction of the food item’s original size. Whilst they might look diminutive, they make a big difference, enabling you to store and save foods, such as meat and dairy up to 8 times longer.

Sous Vide or “Under the Vacuum” Style Cooking

This multi-talented fridge can also help you to achieve some restaurant style cooking goals. Again, it’s thanks to the vacuum pack technology, which enables you to have a go at the sous vide or “under the vacuum” style cooking technique. This is the only cooking method that enables you to cook your food perfectly, from edge to edge and from the inside out. And because you can leave your food in the bag to marinate in its own juices, you don’t have to add any unhealthy oils, salts or dressings.

Home Entertain with VacPac Pro

Complete your fine dining experience at home with a perfectly chilled bottle of something. With the Quick Drink feature, you can chill a can or bottle in as little as 5 minutes. And don’t forget the ice for your drinks with our space-saving quick and easy Twist and Serve Ice Box.

Create Extra Fridge Space for Fresh Food

If you’re planning to entertain multiple guests, you might also want to make extra room for your fresh party food. So why not try out our AdaptiZone function to convert one or both freezer zones into additional fridge room when you need it?

Extra Food Preservation Technologies

Even if you don’t use our vacuum pack technology, your food will still last longer thanks to our other original technologies. Features, such as NutriFresh will double the shelf-life of your fresh fruits and vegetables, retaining up to 60% more of their moisture. Our AdvancedCooling System will also prevent cold air from directly impacting your food and drying it out.

Of the VacPac Pro, European Sales and Marketing Director, Alberico Lissoni, comments, “Bringing cooling technology back to the forefront of the kitchen, this super-versatile model not only offers professional style refrigeration, but also additional support for the home dining experience. Designed to offer a new and exciting dynamic for meal-times, it allows vacuum packed food to be cooked “sous vide” style straight from the fridge. Whether it’s to extend the shelf life of bulk grocery purchases, or to make room for extra supplies, VacPac Pro has families covered, enabling them to rustle up dishes that are healthier as well as much more appetising.”


How to Cook Sous Vide Style at Home

Vacuum seal your meats or fish, add seasoning and/or your choice of marinade and freeze the bag until the liquid part of the sauce has frozen. Then switch the bag to the fridge for an hour, turning the bag after 30 minutes. After filling a pot with tepid water, use the cooking thermometer to check the temperature. Place the pot on your hob and get the temperature up to 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the temperature consistent and submerge your vacuum sealed bag. Allow your food to soak in the water for at least 90 minutes.