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Corporate Mission

About Sharp Home Appliances Europe

In European markets, Sharp's white goods business is operated under license to Vestel, who use their design expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to develop, manufacture and market Sharp branded home appliances.

For over a hundred years Sharp have been creating technology that improves lives. We've made a name for ourselves making appliances from televisions, to printers, to solar panels.

Sharp Home Appliances is our new business, focusing on making products to improve and enhance your life in the kitchen.

Headed up by our MD Matthew Lang, we're an international company that has an ambition to change the home appliance market. A company of people with diverse talents, who are focused on delivering a business that places the customer at the heart of our business: determined not just to make great products, but to improve the experience of owning them. We are driven to do things the right way.

Our Vision:

To become the most trusted, innovative, Home Appliance brand where people love to work and customers love the service they receive and the products they purchase.

Our Mission:

For Sharp to become a leading value added European Home Appliance brand with a real focus on delivering the best solutions for all of our customers. We know that in order to do this we will need to be innovative and flexible with a real "can do" attitude. We have to really care about what we do and be responsible in how we do it. Our people are the heart and soul of the company and they must feel rewarded and happy.

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