Sharp Home Appliances wins prestigious Plus X Award for Most Innovative Brand of the Year 2021

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Plus X Award names Sharp Most Innovative Brand of the Year 2021 for its 2K20 New Series

Awarded title, based on design and stand-out performance of six 2K20 New Series products - WiFi Electric Oven, 90cm Induction Hob, WiFi Combi Fridge/freezer, 12-place Setting WiFi Dishwasher, 10Kg WiFi Washing Machine, and 10kg WiFi Tumble Dryer

To earn the award, Sharp had to receive the most Plux X Seals of Approval in its product group, ultimately being awarded a winning total of 23.

Sharp Home Appliances announced that it has won the prestigious Plus X Award for Most Innovative Brand of the Year, with its 2K20 New Series. The highest accolade of this world-leading design and innovation contest for technology, lifestyle and sports, the award is for the category of small and large appliances.

Held annually in Germany and judged by an international and independent jury of experts from across 80 industries, the Plus X Award has been awarded, based on the stand-out design and performance of six Sharp 2K20 products – the 2K20 New Series WiFi Electric Oven, 90cm Double Bridge Zone Induction Hob, WiFi Combi Fridge/freezer, 12-Place Setting WiFi Dishwasher, WiFi Washing Machine, and  WiFi Heat Pump Tumble Dryer.

To clinch the award, Sharp had to fend of stiff competition from hundreds of brands, and rack up the most Plus X Seals of Approval in its product group. In total, Sharp received 23 Plus X Seals of Approval, earning commendations for everything from innovation, design, and ease-of-use, to functionality, high quality, and ecology. Sharp also earned special recognition for its editorial video format on Plus X TV show, “Brands in Focus”.

The Plus X Award is judged on innovation, and sustainability as well as design – all cornerstones upon which Sharp Home Appliances is founded. Designed to provide an easy, more comfortable life at home, its 2K20 New Series offers time-saving innovations that flex to suit customers’ lifestyles and enable them to live more sustainably.

For 2022, Sharp Home Appliances is set to build on its progress. To help customers find more ways to break free from time-consuming housework routines - to continue do things differently and Be Original., the brand will push the boundaries of design with ever smarter, and more efficient products that can seamlessly fit into every home


Award-winning 2K20 New Series WiFi  Electric Oven

 Whether it is to prepare big dinners, or make meals for the week ahead, the WiFi Oven saves time, as well as energy. Thanks to its AirStream® feature, customers can cook up to four different, or five of the same dishes at the same time, without any transfer of flavour. For more speed, the Boost function allows preheat timings to be skipped, while the patented Air Curtain® technology keeps cooks cool by preventing hot air from escaping.

The minimalist style oven offers a sleek look, with a metal print finish, encased by glass, and a CNC milled handle.

Award-winning 2K20 New Series 90cm  Double Bridge Zone Induction Hob 

Ultra-efficient, the 90cm slider touch control Induction Hob enables customers to cook even more flexibly and at high speed, with two pairs of zones that can be bridged together to accommodate pots and pans of all sizes.

Award-winning 2K20 WiFi  Combi Fridge/freezer

Finished with a premium metal-look design and adaptable shelving, this WiFi connected fridge/freezer enables customers to store more groceries and in better condition for longer periods of time. While its MaxiFresh Preserver technology extends the shelf-life of fresh foods, especially green vegetables, its UltraPureTech diffuses negative ions with the help of UV light to neutralize unpleasant smells and dust particles.

Award-winning 2K20 12-Place Setting WiFi  Dishwasher

Triple A-rated for washing and drying, the 12-place setting dishwasher is a model of efficiency and innovation, reducing the need for repeat washes. While the UV-C integrated programme offers ultra-hygienic washes, the AquaGlide auto extended spray arm reaches every corner of the dishwasher, covering an area which is 20% larger than conventional spray arms can sweep.


Award-winning 2K20 WiFi Washing Machine

The10Kg WiFi Washing Machine makes lengthy laundry routines a thing of the past. To save time, IntelliDos, the autodosage feature, automatically calculates and distributes exactly the right amount of detergent and softener for up to 16 washes. This model also delivers energy efficient 15-miunte cycles with ThermoJet, as well as ultra-intensive washes. While Steam+ offers anti-iron, deep clean steam washes,  the Sterilization cycle uses a combination of heat and UV light to disinfect and refresh clothes.




Award-winning 2K20 WiFi Heat Pump Tumble  Dryer

As well offering greener tumble dryer technology with its more climate-friendly agent, R290, this A-rated product makes it easy to dry and/or refresh even delicate items. Using removable hangers as a ledge on which everything from gym shoes and teddy bears to delicate woollens can be placed, its unique 3Drack® drying rack enables air to be circulated without the need for fragile or awkward items to be tumbled. With Pearl Odour technology, an invigorated scent is also diffused to leave all items much more fresh-smelling.