Steam, grill & microwave (silver)

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Key features

Cabinet colour/ Door handle colour Silver / Silver
Control: Jog dial / Touch control No/Yes
Interior Material Stainless Steel
Microwave Distribution System Antenna system (bottom feed)
Steam Generation Power (cc/min) 16
Oven Capacity (Litre) 27

Output power

Bottom Grill Heater (W) No
Convection Heater (W) No
Microwave (W) 900
Steam Engine Heater (W) 910
SuperSteam Heater (W) No
Top Grill Heater 1100

Automatic Programmes

Auto Cook or Express Cook menus No
Cake Automatic Programmes No
Pizza Automatic Programmes No
Grill menus 4
Sensor menus No
Steam menus 1 layer 11
Steam Menus 2 layers 4
Steam defrost menus 3

Manual Cooking Options

Convection Mode (°C range)
Double Grill Mode (Top Grill Heater + Bottom Grill Heater) No
Dual Convection Mode (Convection + Microwave) No
Dual Grill Mode (Grill Heater + Microwave) Yes
Grill Yes
Microwave Power levels 6 (100/70/50/30/10/0)
Mix Grill Mode (Grill Heater and Microwave alternately) No
Pre-heat Function No
Steam High (100°C)
Steam Low (°C temperature range)
Steam Reheat/ Steam Proving No/No
SuperSteam Convection No

Other convenient features

2 layer steam cooking option Yes
Built-in kit optional
Child Lock Yes
Clock key No
Cooking Adjustment (MORE/ LESS) Yes
Demonstration mode Yes
Descaling/ Cleaning function Yes/No
Door opening system Side hinge
Drain Mode Yes
Energy Save Mode Yes
Info Key Yes
Kitchen timer Yes
Language Key No
Minute Plus (+1min) Function Yes
Niche dimension for built-in kit (W) x (H) x (D) mm
Oven Light (W) 25
Sequence cooking Up to 3 stages
Time input (max. input in mins. and secs.) except all steam modes 99/50
Time input for Steam High (max. input in mins.) 35
Time input for Steam Low (max. input in mins.) 60
Water hardness setting (steps) 3

Dimensions and weight

Cavity dimensions (W) x (H) x (D) mm 343 x 210 x 381
Outside dimension (W) X (H) x (D) mm 520 x 331 x 500
Weight (kg) 18,1

Power, consumption and voltage

Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz) 230V / 50Hz


Baking tray No
Cookery book Inside operation manual
Drip tray Yes
Glass tray Yes
Grill rack Yes
Operation manual Yes
Steam tray(s)/ material 2 / Stainless steel
Turntable / Material / Size ø cm
Water tank capacity (cc) 430

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