IFA in Berlin is a great celebration of the consumer electronics and home appliances industry. This year, Sharp showcased a unique oven capable of synchronizing its work with your tastes and lifestyle. Not only will it help you in your boldest culinary experiments, but it will also adapt recipes to your needs through the world’s first Innit cooking platform.

The 78-liter Smart2Cook smart oven has been designed to encourage all budding chefs to develop their passion for cooking. The oven offers up to 150 automatic cooking functions; each of them can be activated by voice. This gives you complete freedom in setting the optimal programme, duration and temperature of cooking depending on the recipe. The oven is also equipped with a set of professional kitchen accessories, including the RoastPro Turnspit, which ensures even cooking results, and the RoastPro Digital Meat Probe, which promises unbeatable heating precision. Importantly, food preparation with Smart2Cook is stress-free and fun even for inexperienced cooks, as their limited skills have been taken into account by the designers of the appliance.

Why waste time guessing how to adapt recipes if the Innit cooking app can do it for you?

Together, Innit and Love2Cook enable you to cook for everyone from the fussiest of eaters to vegans and vegetarians as well as food allergy sufferers. Innit adapts recipes to individual needs in real time. With a database full of thousands of modular recipes that can be changed into countless different versions, Innit is able to recommend dishes, making substitutions for ingredients as well as all the necessary adjustments to cooking times and conditions. To optimise energy efficiency and ensure professional style culinary results, Innit will not only tweak cooking settings to suit Love2Cook, but also automatically set the ideal temperature, cooking mode, and oven time for every selected recipe. Innit will even orchestrate multiple dishes in the same oven, so that every part of the meal is ready and hot at the same time.

Once you have created your Innit dietary profile, detailing your own and family members’ requirements, you can rely on the app to help you beat every cooking challenge, no matter how few ingredients you have left in your fridge, or how demanding your dinner guests are. If you have some leftover ingredients in the fridge, why not search Innit for a little recipe inspiration? Or, if you have an unexpected dinner guest with a whole host of dietary requirements, just update your food profile to find the ideal recipe. And if you add details such as your weight, height and activity level to it, you can even count on Innit to help you maintain a calorie-controlled diet.

When you register Love2Cook on our Sharp Smart app, you can link to the Google Assistant or Alexa and enjoy hands-free voice control. If you have a Google Nest Hub, you can access Innit for hands-free cooking instructions, stream thousands of step-by-step videos, and send cooking programs to your Love2Cook oven, all without having to wash your hands or step away from the chopping board. If you happen to miss a cooking step, don’t worry, with the Google Nest Hub, you can always scroll back and watch it again.