This fridge-freezer presented by Sharp during this year’s IFA show in Berlin is second to none. Not only does it allow you to store food for longer, but also to prepare dishes using the sous vide technique and to store fermenting snacks and beverages, such as yogurt and wine, in ideal conditions. Let us briefly outline the many the advantages of GourmetMaestro.

VacPac Pro feature

Thanks to our VacPac Pro automatic vacuum sealer, you can pack your food items into airtight, re-useable bags to extend their shelf life. With two quick touches of the control panel, VacPac Pro is designed to suck the air out and lock in pungent food odours, so that there is no transfer of taste when you store different foods in the fridge.

Sous vide cooking option

What would you say to some culinary magic? You can prepare meat and fish in sealed bags using the sous vide, i.e. vacuum cooking method that preserves their natural juices and nutrients contained in them. This professional cooking technique allows you to put together a healthy dish without any added salt or oil.

TasteMaker function and product fermentation under control

GourmetMaestro provides ideal conditions for chilling and storing such products as yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi, as well as kefir or beer. The option is automatically activated in the left zone of the freezer. You can select among seven fermented dishes and drinks: yogurt, kefir, bread, cake, pickles, wine and beer. The TasteMaker function sets the optimal temperature and time depending on the product. All you need to do is place food inside and press the start button. Not only does fermentation enhance the taste of food and drinks, but it also increases their nutritional value. The fermentation promotes the development of the so-called probiotics, that is the good bacteria that improve digestion and boost our immune system.

Professional cooling

While features such as NutriFresh double the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables, AdvancedNoFrost works to keep the fridge/freezer entirely frost and odour-free, reducing the humidity loss in the fridge to keep the fresh taste and texture of all your stored groceries.

Be the Host with the Most

Throwing a party? With AdaptiZone, you will always find room for more food by turning one or both of the freezer compartments into extra fridge space. In addition, the Quick Drink function will cool a bottle of your favourite drink in no more than a few minutes.