Zdarza się, że pranie spędza ci sen z powiek?

Do you happen to fret over laundry? Do you agonize about choosing the wrong programme or using too much fabric softener? Rest assured: even those most experienced in the matter sometimes have doubts. We all make mistakes – the most important thing is to be able to learn from them. Interesting-ly, more and more home appliances are now designed in such a way as to limit the risk of error. For instance, devices alert users of the necessity to replace filters, refill the detergent or change the setting. During this year’s IFA exhibition in Berlin, Sharp went a step further and presented home appliances requiring minimal involvement of the consumer. The 1-Touch Pro series by Sharp, including a dish-washer and a washing machine, is a real revolution on the home appliances market.

As easy to use as your smartphone or tablet, our 1-Touch Pro products promise to bring you intuitive touch control.

Designed without all the usual confusing and unnecessary buttons and dials, they will always clearly illustrate your selected programmes and functions on their touch control displays.

„With our 1-Touch Pro Series, we’re transforming and simplifying the laundry and dishwashing pro-cesses, making it easy to achieve incredible wash results. Instead of going down the usual manufac-turing route of adding complicated cycles and programming steps to our washing machines and dishwashers, we’ve decided to create a series that can save you all the fuss and bother – all the trial and error, which so often results in poor, and even disastrous washes. Made to take on all the pro-gramming work for you, our 1-Touch Pro products make the laundry and dishwashing risk-free, guaranteeing the best, most efficient wash conditions for each load” – says Alberico Lissoni, European Sales and Marketing Director.

Why spend hours analysing clothes care instructions and working out the best wash cycle to use, when, with our 1-Touch Pro Washing Machine, you can simply load your laundry and press the Start button? Designed to think for you, this ultra-intelligent machine takes automation to a whole new lev-el. Sensing the textile type and weight, load size and intensity of the wash, it automatically calculates and sets the temperature, water and energy usage as well as the programme and amount of detergent and softener required. Whatever the load, whatever the laundry challenge, this programming genius will always come up with exactly the right and most efficient wash conditions, eliminating the risk of any human error.

For 1-Touch Pro, no load is too small, no request too specialist. Whilst this 10 kg laundry warrior can wash small loads in as little as 12 minutes and at an energy-saving temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, it can also complete juggernaut washes within the hour and offer targeted cleaning support for 22 stubborn stain types, calculating the level, type and intensity of the clean required. This machine even offers allergy-busting support, coming with a cycle that is endorsed by leading national charity, Aller-gy UK, and which is designed to wash away indoor and outdoor allergens, including those causing hay fever.