In today’s world of rapid development of the household appliances market and a growing number of advanced devices featuring innumerable functions, simplest solutions often deserve particular attention. During the recent IFA trade show in Berlin, Sharp showcased its 1-Touch Pro series, which includes a washing machine and a dishwasher. They have been developed to meet the expectations of today’s busy consumers, who need intuitive and intelligent solutions that will assist them in their daily chores. Let’s have a closer look at the 1-Touch Pro dishwasher!

With their intuitive touch control system, appliances from the 1-Touch Pro series are as easy to use as a smartphone or a tablet. They have been stripped of all confusing and unnecessary buttons and dials commonly found in these types of appliances. Instead, selected programmes and functions are clearly displayed on the touch screen.

The 1-Touch Pro series revolutionises dishwashing and laundry, making it much easier to achieve the desired results. Instead of adding complex programmes, features and cycles to our washing machines and dishwashers, we have decided to create a series that will spare customers any confusion and problems related to trial and error, which often results in poor, or even inefficient washing. 1-Touch Pro appliances set all parameters automatically, eliminating any risks related to washing processes. This guarantees optimum washing conditions every time – says Alberico Lissoni, Head of Marketing and Sales in Europe.

If your kitchen is equipped with the 1-Touch Pro dishwasher, you do not need to rack your brain every time over the most appropriate dishwashing programme. With this highly automated appliance, all you need to do is load the dishwasher and press the start icon. You can be sure of its excellent performance: the dishwasher detects the type of dirt and the level of cleaning required in order to set the optimum cycle and duration. Importantly, the dishwasher has the capacity of up to 15 place settings. In addition, it guarantees better results thanks to the fastest and most efficient washing programmes developed thus far.

This ultra-efficient appliance boasts A+++ energy class and the right cycle for any situation. If speed is important to you, the 1-Touch Pro dishwasher will wash the dishes of a family of four in as little as 14 minutes. You can also count on your 1-Touch Pro dishwasher, if you need more thorough washing and wish to reduce your energy and water consumption. Thanks to the environmentally friendly AquaGlide function, you can manually control the positioning of the washing nozzles, pointing them up to wash the inside of glasses, cups and baby bottles in the upper basket, or down for a thorough wash of dishes placed in the lower basket. Equally effective is the WaterBlade function, which provides more power thanks to two additional spraying nozzles, thoroughly cleaning tableware in baskets on the left and right side of the appliance.

Even loading is easies with this model of dishwasher. You can open the dishwasher door with a single swipe of your finger on the control panel. To facilitate the arrangement of cutlery, a third basket has been added, and thanks to the Three-Way Half Load function you can decide whether you wish to have the dishes in the lower or in the upper basked washed.