Can you really make mistakes using a device as easy to operate as the extraction hood? Of course you can! What’s more, they can have quite serious consequences – let us just mention damage to kitchen walls, furniture, and – in the worst case scenario – even a fire. Sounds alarming? However, you only need to observe a few simple rules and your hood will serve you efficiently for many years. Below we outline the most common mistakes and suggest how you can avoid them.

The extraction hood as an ornament

When furnishing the kitchen, the decision to buy the hood is arguably one of the most important. Why? It is a device that – in certain situations – is totally optional. This is why you should think carefully about this purchase. A fridge or an oven are a must, but if you mainly eat out, you do not like cooking, and treat your kitchen as a place for storing basic food products, you do not need an extraction hood. Therefore, before you decide to spend money on this appliance, think about whether you need it at all. Otherwise, instead of food vapours, it will collect mainly dust. One more thing. If you decide to buy an extraction hood, mount it at a height of 65-75 cm above the hob. If it is too close to a gas stove, there is an increased risk of fire and the hood may have a negative effect on gas combustion by extinguishing the flame.

The hood as the last resort

One of the most common mistakes is switching on the hood only when steam starts bursting out of pots and pans. Few people know that in order to function properly, the hood should be turned on before cooking begins. Why? Vapours generated during cooking spread rapidly, and so does the steam. One of the basic functions of the hood is to prevent the deposition of particles and to remove excess moisture from the air. Let us remind you that Sharp has equipped its hoods with a SteamSensor sensor, which turns the device on and off automatically depending on steam concentration.

Quickly, but at full blast

This is how we tend to use the hood. We suddenly remember about its existence when the kitchen is completely filled with steam; we immediately turn on the hood at the highest setting. If you only use one burner, this is completely unnecessary and the hood will not do its job properly. However, when preparing several dishes for a party, you must keep the hood on almost constantly.

Filters have an expiry date

Many of us share the false conviction that household appliances do not require any additional investment. Depending on the types of filters that the device is equipped with, they need to be replaced or cleaned. It is best to follow manufacturer’s recommendations, but when you notice that the hood is working less efficiently, one of the likely reasons is the filter that needs cleaning or replacing. Sharp extraction hoods have a practical indicator of filter wear and FilterCleaning, i.e. a filter indicator informing that the grease filter ought to be cleaned. Good news for the lazy: grease filters in Sharp hoods can be washed in the dishwasher.