There are more than a dozen models of Sharp air purifiers, tailored to different customer needs and room sizes. Their common feature is their unparalleled effectiveness, based on advanced technologies, including the most important – Plasmacluster. Despite its status of the market leader that the brand has maintained for many years, Sharp does not rest on its laurels and continues to develop its range of products. The brand has just presented its latest product: KI-G75EU-W. The timing is perfect, as the heating season – which coincides with the greatest demand for air purifiers – is approaching. What distinguishes KI-G75EU-W from other air purifiers and why the purchase this model is worth considering? You will find all the information below.

First of all, attention is drawn to a slightly different design. KI-G75EU-W looks very modern. With its arched front casing, it will look great both in a Scandinavian-style living room and a cosy bedroom. The appliance is quite small; all current parameters are displayed, and the control panel is equipped with new functionalities. The monitoring function is of great convenience: when the appliance is on, the sensor detects any changes in temperature and humidity levels that deserve attention, and signals them. The monitoring function detects “low humidity and temperature” and “high humidity and temperature”. In addition, in the event of power failure, the Auto Restart function will reset the appliance to its latest parameters set on the appliance once power is restored. Child lock is a convenient solution for parents, as it protects the control panel from children, always intrigued by new devices and curious about the world. What else? For example, the ON/OFF Timer allows you to programme the device to be temporarily turned on or off.

Now a few words about operating modes. The most convenient is the Auto Mode, in which the air purifier sets the parameters – the fan speed and the humidity level – on the basis of data collected from the environment. The intensity of the process depends on the level of pollution, odours, temperature and humidity in the room. In addition, the motion sensor detects the presence of people in the room and works together with a lighting sensor, automatically switching the device to the energy saving mode. Sharp KI-G75 air purifier is also equipped with the Clean Ion Shower mode – an intensive cleaning programme useful when preparing the room before bedtime. A most convenient option, already featured in the KC-G line, is the Spot mode, i.e. the use of a separate horizontal and regulated air exhaust/outlet in order to refresh clothes and rid them of unpleasant odours and bacteria. A new feature in this series is the Clean Assist mode, which clean the air of dust after hoovering. Sharp has thus addressed an important cleaning problem: when we use a vacuum cleaner, dust from the floor or carpets rises into the air, only to settle back on the floor after a few minutes. Clean Assist effectively helps to get rid of it once and for all.

What else will KI-G75EU-W surprise you with? A new feature is the automatic cleaning of the pre-filter. It is the first barrier for all types of pollution. Its purity, therefore, has an impact on the condition and performance of the appliance. The process takes 8 minutes and is performed once every 48 hours. During this time, air purification is suspended. The blinking icon indicates the start of automatic cleaning. All you need to do is empty a special container in which dirt accumulates. Another new solution is the SWING option, i.e. automatic and manual setting of the air flow direction.

The hallmark of all Sharp air purifiers is the Plasmacluster technology, which involves the generation of positive and negative ions that occur naturally in the environment. They cling, for instance, to airborne microorganisms, and neutralize hazardous particles. In KI-G75, the concentration of ions per 1 cm3 is up to 25,000 – in the previous KC-G series, it was 7 000! These numbers speak for themselves. Sharp KI-G75EU-W is the most effective air purifier currently available on the market!