By Alex Moss

Tony Singh is a chef who loves nothing more than good, home- cooked meals. He’s worked in the restaurant industry for over 22 years, appeared on shows such as Ready Steady Cook, Great British Menu and The Incredible Spice Men. Tony has also written two books The Incredible Spice Men and Tasty. Below he gives us his top five cooking tips.

1.Cook something you enjoy. Put some love in there, even if it doesn’t look pretty it will taste good.

2.Don’t throw away flavour. Don’t trim off too much fat. If you do, keep it to render down the onions. You can now use animal fats, for a while they were taboo, but now they’re acceptable. They really add flavour.

3.Have fun. It shouldn’t be stressful. Try to plan what you’re going to cook for that evening. This is where working in a commercial kitchen comes in helpful, it forces you to plan what you’re going to cook for the next day.

4.Get people to help you. If it’s sociable and it’s not seen as a chore, it’s great.

5.Don’t get hung up on seasonality. We’re on an island. If you really work towards two seasons it can get very boring. Very boring. If your budget allows, buy your ingredients from wherever they’re in season but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stretch to that. Use frozen vegetables and fish.

You can follow Tony on Twitter and Instagram. You can buy Tony’s books The Incredible Spice Men and Tasty. Tony is represented by Fork Off Management.